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Axetion Tree Services offer a complete range of Tree Removal services to Melbourne with over 20 years of experience.

tree pruning and trimming

Tree Pruning

Axetion Tree Services can improve the health and appearance of any tree in any environment in Melbourne.

tree removal

Tree Removal

Axetion Tree Services can remove any tree from small to large, dead or dangerous, storm damaged or overhaning power lines.

tree stump removal, tree stump grinding

Tree Stump Removal

Axetion Tree Services equip the latest model stump grinders to suit any tree stump in Melbourne.

hedge trimming and cutting

Hedge Trimming & Cutting

From small backyard hedges to large council and private estates, parks and gardens in Melbourne.

earthmoving and demolition

Earthmoving & Demolition

We provide earthmoving and demolition for swimming pool dig outs, site cuts, driveway removal or large demolition projects in Melbourne.

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Contact Axetion Tree Services today for an experienced, reliable, safe and affordable tree removal expert in Melbourne.


Tree Removal

Stump Removal

Tree Pruning

We provide a complete range of tree removal services to the Melbourne area.

We have all the latest equipment to remove your tree stumps safely and effectively.

Let us improve the overall appearance of your trees with our tree pruning.

Tree Removal Melbourne

Are you looking for a professional tree removal company in Melbourne? Axetion Tree Services are here to help. We aim to provide the highest quality tree removal solutions matched by competitive prices.

Since our inception, we have been providing safe and reliable tree removal solutions to the entire Melbourne community. Although we specialise in tree removals we also provide a range of tree pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming and earth moving services.

With over 20 years of tree removal experience you can trust that our professional team have the knowledge, skill and equipment to complete your tree removals quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Axetion Tree Services provide the following tree removal services:

  • Expert tree surgery/crown reduction & thinning
  • Safe and efficient tree removal & pruning
  • Tree management
  • Same day tree stump removal
  • Safe and efficient removal of dead or dangerous trees
  • Removal of storm damaged trees/insurance work
  • Site and land clearing/domestic and commercial
  • Hedging/shaping/power line clearing

If you are looking for a particular tree removal or pruning service, just talk to our friendly and dependable team from Axetion Tree Services. We are here to remove the hassle out of tree removal and management.

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"We care about the environment and make sure that all animals or inhabitants of the tree are professionally relocated (assisted by wildlife workers) from the damaged tree before removal."

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